Titles and abstracts

Habitat Management in a Nature Reserve – the CNR Experience
Mr. Benjamin Lee
Central Nature Reserve Branch, National Parks Board

The Central Nature Reserve (CNR), which consists of Bukit Timah and Central Catchment Nature Reserves, are set aside for the purposes of conservation, research, education and compatible recreation. NParks is entrusted with its management. To achieve all these in a sustainable manner, active management is needed. This involves getting the people, private and public sectors interested and engaged in the activities of the CNR. In this paper, the habitat management of the CNR, will be discussed. Some aspects of habitat management to be discussed include trail planning, weed removal, plant salvage and propagation and reforestation. Some notable plant research (past and present) within the Nature Reserves will also be highlighted to show how scientific research contributes to the biodiversity knowledge and management of our remaining rainforest reserves.