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Ref: M2
Balancing Nature Conservation and Development
Mr. Seow Kah Ping
Urban Redevelopment Authority, Deputy Director, Physical Planning Division

Careful and rigorous planning has played an important role in achieving a balance between nature conservation and development. Urban planners recognise the importance of protecting valuable nature areas and strive to achieve a sustainable environment and retain and enhance our existing natural heritage. Through the 2001 Concept Plan, which is a long-term strategic land use plan, we have safeguarded sufficient land for the needs of a 5.5mil population. Public feedback during the Concept Plan Review showed that the public value our natural and built heritage. Having considered this and our development plans, we are able to commit, as a long-term planning strategy, for our nature areas to be kept for as long as possible. In addition, for the first time, we have taken a significant step to reflect 22 nature areas in our land use plans, these nature areas are not likely to be affected by development in the long term. This shows a higher level of commitment to protect our nature areas. Land use plans are reviewed regularly and our planners continuously seek to balance nature conservation and development.