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Overview of biodiversity research in the Natural Sciences Academic Group
Assoc. Prof. C.H. Diong & *Asst. Prof. Jean Yong Wan Hong (National Institute of Education, NTU)

Education is the surest way to make people learn about, appreciate and treasure their natural heritage. We study, teach and share the knowledge of biodiversity with three major groups of people or organizations in Singapore. The first group is the students of NTU pursuing their basic degrees or diplomas in various fields of study (e.g. Science, Arts, Engineering, Accountancy, and Business). The second group comprises school teachers from primary and secondary schools and junior colleges. Such “in-service” continuing education has become an important facet for the professional development of teachers. The third group is the various governmental ministries, agencies (e.g. National Parks Board, Wildlife Reserves of Singapore), and non-governmental organizations (e.g. Singapore Environment Council, Nature Society (Singapore)) in Singapore. Our efforts in biodiversity education, research and conservation can be broadly categorized into two areas: marine habitats and animal diversity, and forest, mangroves and plant diversity. The underlying theme that unites all our staff interested in biodiversity is the recognition of the importance of biodiversity education in shaping the minds of all people living in Singapore towards the conservation of our diverse and wondrous natural heritage. For further information about our group and staff members, please visit us at http://sci.nie.edu.sg/ns/.
(*Presenting author)