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Thu 15 Feb 2007

It's out! Chue Ee Kiam's "Singapore Splendour - Life on the edge"

Category : pub

08 Feb 2007 - I walked in to the museum to discover a signed copy of Chue Ee Kiam's "Singapore Splendour - Life on the edge" on my table. What a wonderful surprise!

Last November, I got a glimpse of the book as Ee Kiam went through the text with museum staff to identify some organisms and make some last-minute edits. I've been waiting for it eagerly since as it was almost ready then!

I was surprised by the final product and have been carrying it around with me, heavy though it is, to let others I meet share a discovery of its wonderful, colourful photos of organisms, scenes of many of Singapore's shorelines and faces of the community captured in the most delightful way.

I have to confess that I've yet to sit down to read the text but already the dust jacket is getting weathered! Once I do, expect reviews here.

Meanwhile, hop over to Simply Green.

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Fri 24 Nov 2006

Chue Ee Kiam's "Singapore Splendour - Life on the edge"

Category : pub

I came in to the museum to discover Raffles Museum Associate Chua Ee Kiam and Director Peter Ng pouring over the proofs of Ee Kiam's upcoming coffee table book, "Singapore Splendour - Life on the edge."

They are going through the labels of the figures and choosing text to submit to a foremost environmentalist to write a foreword.

Ee Kiam started working on this book after he completed his earlier book, "Chek Jawa, Discovering Singapore's Biodiversity." Ee Kiam has always conducted this process of species identification and verification with all his books.

I recall one late evening in what we called "Zoo Lab 2," the teaching laboratory next to the Systematics & Ecology Lab. We were choosing slides and providing identifications from his book, "Ours to Protect," which was published in 1994. I remember the students were in awe of him, a dentist naturalist, how amazing!

Ee Kiam looking in enjoyment at the blog post. Photo by Adrian Loo, who is impatiently waiting for me. We need to go off to prepare and conduct the Internet Workshop for Teachers - in 19 minutes time!

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