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Fri 01 Jul 2005

"Contributions to biodiversity exploration and research in Sri Lanka"

Category : pub

Hot off the press! - 30 Jun 2005: The Raffles Bulletin of Zoology, Supplement No. 12: Contributions to biodiversity exploration and research in Sri Lanka. 434pp. Eds. D. C. J. Yeo, P. K. L. Ng & R. Pethiyagoda.

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The Raffles Bulletin of Zoology webpage.
"New frog species found in Sri Lanka." Reuters, carried by CNN, 29 June 2005.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction: Exploring Sri Lanka's biodiversity. Rohan Pethiyagoda.
  • New species records of Sri Lankan mosses. Benito C. Tan.
  • Plant biogeography and conservation of the south-westem hill forests of Sri Lanka. I. A. U. N. Gunatilleke, C. V. S. Gunatilleke and M. A. A. B. Dilhan.
  • The Darwin Initiative Project on Sri Lankan landsnails: patterns of diversity in Sri Lankan forests. Fred Naggs, Dinarzarde Raheem, Kithsiri Ranawana and Yasantha Mapatuna.
  • Presence of the alpheid shrimp genus Potamalpheops Powell, 1979 (Crustacea: Decapoda: Caridea) in South Asia, with description of a new species from Sri Lanka. Arthur Anker.
  • Lancaris, a new genus of freshwater shrimp from Sri Lanka (Crustacea: Decapoda: Atyidae). Yixiong Cai and Mohomed M. Bahir.
  • Descriptions of ten new species of freshwater crabs (Crustacea: Brachyura: Parathelphusidae: Ceylonthelphusa, Mahatha, Perbrinckia) from Sri Lanka. Mohomed M. Bahir and Peter K. L. Ng.
  • A revision of the genus Oziotelphusa Mčller, 1887 (Crustacea: Decapoda: Parathelphusidae), with descriptions of eight new species. Mohomed M. Bahir and Darren C. J. Yeo.
  • A conservation assessment of the freshwater crabs of Sri Lanka. Mohomed M. Bahir, Peter K. L. Ng, Keith Crandall and Rohan Pethiyagoda.
  • A review of the barbs of the Puntius filamentosus group (Teleostei: Cyprinidae) of southern India and Sri Lanka. Rohan Pethiyagoda and Maurice Kottelat.
  • The identity of the south Indian barb Puntius mahecola (Teleostei: Cyprinidae). Rohan Pethiyagoda and Maurice Kottelat.
  • Molecular phylogenetics of Sri Lankan Ichthyophis (Amphibia: Gymnophiona: Ichthyophiidae), with discovery of a cryptic species. David J. Gower, Mohomed M. Bahir, Yasantha Mapatuna, Rohan Pethiyagoda, Dinarzarde Raheem and Mark Wilkinson.
  • The Sri Lankan shrub-frogs of the genus Philautus Gistel, 1848 (Ranidae: Rhacophorinae), with description of 27 new species. Kelum Manamendra-Arachchi and Rohan Pethiyagoda.
  • Description of eight new species of shrub-frogs (Ranidae: Rhacophorinae: Philautus) from Sri Lanka. Madhava Meegaskumbura and Kelum Manamendra-Arachchi.
  • Reproduction and terrestrial direct development in Sri Lankan shrub frogs (Ranidae: Rhacophorinae: Philautus). Mohomed M. Bahir, Madhava Meegaskumbura, Kelum Manamendra-Arachchi, Christopher J. Schneider and Rohan Pethiyagoda.
  • Description of five new species of Cyrtodactylus (Reptilia: Gekkonidae) from Sri Lanka. Sudesh Batuwita and Mohomed M. Bahir.
  • Calotes desilvai, a new species of agamid lizard from Morningside Forest, Sri Lanka. Mohomed M. Bahir and Kalana P. Maduwage.
  • Otocryptis nigristigma, a new species of agamid lizard from Sri Lanka. Mohomed M. Bahir and Anjana Silva.
  • A conservation assessment of the Sri Lankan Agamidae (Reptilia: Sauria). Mohomed M. Bahir and Thilina Surasinghe.
  • Interspecific variation in Moschiola, the Indian chevrotain. C. P. Groves and E. Meijaard.
  • An second extinct big cat from the Late Quaternary of Sri Lanka. Kelum Manamendra-Arachchi, Rohan Pethiyagoda, Rajith Dissanayake and Madhava Meegaskumbura.

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Tue 12 Oct 2004

Ilse, Shane, Boris & Maurice

Category : visitors

Ilse Bartsch (Forschungsinstitut Senckenberg, Frankfurt a.M., Germany) is here from 24 Sep-13 Oct 2004 to to study the systematics and taxonomy of marine mites (Acari: Halacaridae) in the collection. During her stay, she also delivered a talk on "Mites (Acari) in the marine littoral, an introduction" on 6th Oct 2004. She was hosted by Darren Yeo.

Shane Ahyong (Australian Museum) is here between 3rd - 16th Oct 2004, investigating the mantis shrimp and genus of the majid crabs from the Panglao expedition. He is hosted by Tan Swee Hee.

Maurice Kottelat, the Raffles Museum's Honorary Research Associate, works on the systematics and taxonomy of freshwater fishes. Hosted by Kelvin Lim, he is here for a month between 23rd September to 24th October 2004.

Boris Sket (Dept. Biology, Univ. Ljubljana, Slovenia) is a subterranean amphipod expert who dropped in last Saturday (9th Oct 2004) and spent an afternoon in the Systematics & Ecology Lab.

L-R: Shane Ahyong, Boris Sket, Peter Ng, Cai Yixiong, Maurice Kottelat. Thanks to Tan Heok Hui for the photo.

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Thu 16 Sep 2004

Research visitors, September 2004

Category : visitors

Arthur Anker, Dept. Biol. Scis., Univ. Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. Systematics and taxonomy of alpheid shrimps. 7-21 Sep 2004. Hosted by Peter Ng.

Chan Tin-Yam & Lin Chia Wei, National Taiwan Ocean University, Taiwan. Systematics and taxonomy of lobsters, shrimps and galatheids. 8-11 Sep 2004. Hosted by Peter Ng.

Chou Wen-Hao, National Museum of Natural Science, Taiwan. Systematics and taxonomy of frogs. 15-16 Sep 2004. Hosted by Leong Tzi Ming. He is giving a talk entitled, "Amphibians of Taiwan".

Maurice Kottelat, Raffles Museum's Honorary Research Associate. Systematics and taxonomy of freshwater fishes. 23 Sep-24 Oct 2004. Hosted by Kelvin Lim

Ilse Bartsch, Forschungsinstitut Senckenberg, Frankfurt a.M., Germany. Systematics and taxonomy of marine mites (Acari: Halacaridae). 24 Sep-13 Oct 2004. Hosted by Darren Yeo.

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