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Mon 12 Mar 2007

"Brachyura of the World" - Danièle Guinot in town

Category : visitors

Danièle Guinot of the Laboratoire de Zoologie (Arthropodes), Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle is one of the world's most renowned carcinologists who has published some of the most important papers in this field on the systematics of virtually all major groups of crabs.

She is in Singapore (5 - 20 Mar 2007) to catch up with the "Brachyura of the World" project - what Raffles Museum director Peter Ng calls "Le Grande Project." This has been ongoing for at least a decade. With Guinot in town, Peter gets to immerse himself in crab talk (systemtatics and taxonomy) a lot more than he usually does and we try not to ply him with administrative issues.

Peter Davie (Queensland Museum, Australia), the third part of the triumvirate, should join us today and we'll defintely put up a photo of the trio!

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