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Mon 30 Oct 2006

Explore Singapore!

Category : visitors

My friends at National Heritage Board never rest. They have been working on yet another project - Explore Singapore! This time they have teamed up with the National Library Board (NLB) and Media Development Authority (MDA) to 'spark a national passion in discovering and learning about Singapore's heritage and culture at our museums and libraries.'

Explore Singapore! will run from 01 Nov 2006 - 31 Jan 2007. Close to 40 activities will be conducted - events, mass media content, new media interactivity and a television programme - see webpage.

Phew! All this was put together in record time.

The Explore Singapore! television series is made up of six, half-hour episodes which will be aired weekly on Channel 5 at 7.30pm, starting 14 Dec 2006. The "infotainment style programme will feature some of our museums as well as interesting heritage and stories on Singapore."

Raffles Museum is included in this run and a production crew dropped in for a recce on 19 Sep. Last week I received a script to fact-check and today they turned up with Moses Lim and Elizabeth Naomi Tan in tow. Their characters are unravelling a series clues to help solve some mystery - wait for the programme to find out!

It was pleasant working with them; they were professional and quick. They shot scenes in the Public Gallery, and amongst the Wet Collection and the Dry Collection. Since I had my hands full handling specimens and setting things up, I asked our office staff to take some photos. Despite charging the camera battery, they were too shy to take a single shot. Sigh!

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