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Fri 17 Mar 2006

Fishy folk!

Category : visitors

17 Mar 2006 - Venbula Slechtova & Jorg Bohlen from the Laboratory of Fish Genetics, Institute of Animal Physiology, Academy of the Sciebnce, Czech Republic, dropped in for a chat after their field trip to peat swamps in Malaysia. Their new of receeding peat swamps was sad to hear as we had visited these areas in the early 90's when logging was just beginning and they were satoundingly rich sites for fish diversity within an hour or two .

Maurice Kottelat (Honorary Research Assocaite, Raffles Museum) has come for a few weeks of work with Tan Heok Hui and we hope to schedule a seminar on Paedocypris while we have two of the authors on campus.

L-R: Venbula Slechtova, Jorg Bohlen, Maurice Kottelat and Peter Ng chatting after lunch. (Accent marks missing in first two names).

Maurice and Peter earlier this morning. I heard a familiar voice so burst through the door with the camera. Yes it was Maurice, and he quickly rolled his chair behind the desk to hide his sexy legs (he's wearing bermudas). This is not a Coke advert, but lets just say the museum director is mildly addicted to the stuff and always keeps a bottle handy.

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