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Tue 07 Mar 2006

Rob Stuebing's in town

Category : visitors

Rob who (this time) hails from Grand Perfect Sdn. Bhd. in Sarawak is in town to renew an MOU with NUS' Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research for inventories of terrestrial and aquatic fauna for conservation management. Business aside, it was also a chance to catchup with old friends and plot for more projects!

L-R: A really tired Rob Stuebing and the lads who helped tire him out, Peter Ng (mainly) and N. Sivasothi. Photo by Wang Luan Keng.

Rob and colleagues published a paper about the false gharial in the recent issue of The Raffles Bulletin of Zoology and he was telling us how he has seen just one of those elusive gharials in the wild, and he even discounted that sole sighting.

The paper is based on museum records that allowed the authors to plot this very interesting map:

See: R. B. Stuebing, M. R. Bezuijen, M. Auliya & H. K. Voris, 2006. The current and historic distribution of Tomistoma schlegelii (The False Gharial) (M┘ller, 1838) (Crocodylia, Reptilia). The Raffles Bulletin of Zoology, 54(1): 181-197. Downlaod the pdf here.

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