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Fri 03 Mar 2006

Delegation from Biodiversity Research & Training Program, Thailand (BRT)

Category : visitors

A delegation from Biodiversity Research & Training Program, Thailand (BRT) led by an old friend, Somsat Panha from Chulalongkorn University's Department of Biology at the Faculty of Science, dropped in to the Raffles Museum and SIngapore Science Centre on a fact funding mission on public education methods.

Somsak is a co-ordinator of the BRT Program which is supported by the Thailand Research Fund (TRF) and just celebrated their 10th Anniversary in October 2005.

The program supported mostly taxonomic works in the first phase and publications in the second phase. They have been in discusion to contribute more material to society though newsletters, guidebooks, booklets, nature trails and the internet. It looks like a more resources will reach the community soon!

L-R: Peter Ng, Sompoad Sri Rosamatara, Visut Baimai, Somsat Panha and Rungsima Tantalakha

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