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Thu 26 Jan 2006

Write up for Museum Roundtable blog

Category : visitors

Freelance writer June Yong dropped in at the Raffles Museum this morning to write a piece on the Public Gallery.

I decided to waylay her as she did her research and make the writer the subject!

She has visited 10 museums so far and will visit all 30 museums some time in March. The museums are all connected by an informal group called the Museum Roundtable.

The write up about the museums will be posted to the long-awaited Museum Roundtable blog which should be up and running by March.

Staff from the National Heritage Board has been working hard to get that off the ground and a group of us will be meeting in February to finalise details.

And an earlier stab at heritage blogging can be seen at Heritage SG. It already proved useful - a post there in October last year alerted me to an animation on the Battle of Pasir Panjang that was to be featured on television. I reported that to Habitatnews and many of us, especially that Pasir Panjang Guides caught that screening and discussed it.

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