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Fri 10 Jun 2005

Education and Research visitors to the Raffles Museum today

Category : visitors

L-R: Wes Nichols, Adrian Loo (RMBR Volunteer), Diana Nichols (Education Queensland).

Adrian is arranging to cure wood left over from the Hopea sangal tree.

Diana attended a pedagogy conference recently at the National Institute of Education and met museum staff N. Sivasothi at a dinner with some Ministry of Education officers.

A case study of her work in Biloela State High School is featured on the Australian/Queensland Government's Quality Teacher Programme.

L-R: Kelvin Lim (RMBR Collections Manager), Jeremiah Robert Trimble, Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University.

Jermiah has just returned from an expedition to India with Navjot Sodhi and being from a museum himself, dropped in to examine the collections and storage facility here.

The specimens shown here are of the Pin-tailed Parrot-Finch Erythrura prasina from the Malay Peninsula and Thailand.

L-R: Tan Swee Hee, Shane Ahyong.

Shane has come down to examine crustacean specimens from the Panglao Expedition 2005.

He is probably the first to start work on the expedition collection and with Swee Hee, was hard at work unwrapping the carefully stored specimens.

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