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Thu 10 Mar 2005

J. C. Moulton's grandchildren documenting his life

Category : visitors

Anthony and Julian Hartnoll are grandchildren of the John Coney Moulton, who was director of the Raffles Museum and Library between 1919 to 1923.

They are in the region to document his life here, and this morning are examing specimens deposited by Moulton in the Raffles Museum's mammal and bird collections. The three mammal specimens were all from Sarawak and were that of a pangolin, a gibbon and a badger. Some of the bird and mammal origina; labels were written in what appears to be Jawi characters - some one on the expedition team.

They visited the National Archives yesterday, and will meet others interested in the history of the museum, including staff of the National Library Board.

L - J. C. Moulton. Anthony and Julian Hartnoll think this photo was probably taken in December 1914 after he returned from an expedition to the Baram in Sarawak. He had written to his fianceŽ earlier saying he "regret[s] to report the appearance of a beard" which he promised to remove as soon as he returned. R - Anthony and Julian examining some birds colected by Moulton with Ms Lua, curator, Raffles Museum.

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