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Mon 15 Jan 2007

First grassroots exhibition for 2007

Category : toddycats

Raffles Museum's volunteers, the Toddycats! have initiated their 2007 public education calendar with preparations for a grassroots exhibition at Hong Kah North CC (near Bukit Gombak MRT Station) on Sunday 28th January: 8am - 2pm.

This exhibition is being conducted in conjunction with Hong Kah North Recycling Day. Other participants include NEA, Southwest CDC, Colex, Sembwaste and Tay Paper.

Our booth will showcase our local natural heritage, with special focus on how increased litter and improper disposal of litter is a threat to our marine animals. Residents would thus gain an alternative perspective on the negative effects of littering.

Some reports of earlier exhibitions:

  • "Reaching heartlanders on World Environment Day - EnviroFest 2006." Habitatnews, 23 Jun 2006.
  • "Raffles Museum Toddycats at the NUS Green Carnival." Raffles Museum News, 02 Oct 2006.
  • "Speaking about marine life at at the Public Service Exhibition 2006." Raffles Museum News, 18 Nov 2006.

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