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Mon 29 May 2006

The M. I. A. trail

Category : toddycats

Raffles Museum (RMBR) and the National Archives (NAS) combined forces during International Museum Day 2006 to treat visitors to a special evening tour of Raffles Museum's Public Gallery, Kent Ridge Park (including the view of southern islands and the canopy walk), Reflections at Bukit Chandu and Memories at Old Ford Factory on 26th March 2006. NAS' Stella Wee enthusiastically coined the name, "The M. I. A. tour" for the occasion!

Two staggered busloads set off for the Raffles Museum and I was glad to hear that the visitors enjoyed the Public Gallery since having a guide makes an significant difference. But the schedule which was timed to end near midnight meant the groups were dragged out to head for Kent Ridge Park after an hour.

By then, the incredible downpour I witnessed earlier, travelling back from the Dinosaurs! exibition, had dampened down. The Pasir Panjang Toddycats guides later reported that while the rain clouds had blow away, the spectacle of continuous lightning brightening up the evenning sky had them wisely call off the park walk. They were, after all, on a ridge! The second group did manage to get a taste of the canopy walk though.

RBC and MOFF were kept open specially by NHB staff but the one hour tour was just a first taste of what lies within these galleries. I myself have re-visited the galleries several times and intend to do so again.

The Toddycats must have done a good job since one lady said she felt pai-seh that the tour was free and asked if she could tip the guides. Another was surprised that they were volunteers and not staff. The guides also happily recountered that were certain they aroused some interest since many visitors expressed a desire to visit these museums again and come for the HeritageFest tours in July, and visit other museums, too!

Well, I'll hear more during our debrief this week...

Hats off to toycon who featured the trail in a blog post on yesterday.sg the very next day!

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