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Wed 10 May 2006

MacRitchie-Bukit Timah Briskwalk: studying the route

Category : toddycats

In June the MacRitchie - Bukit Timah briskwalkers invite the public once again for a couple of briskwalks. The walks are conducted to increase awareness and appreciation of our nature reserves.

Although it's a simple, typically no-frills exercise, the webpage has pretty much everything a participant needs to read. But the safety preparation takes more time and is best done in person. Preparing for eventualities is done with some scenario planning (I envision the most incredible accidents), and then asking yourself how you would deal with it.

Knowing the area well is a first step, but not enough, for you have to examine the site from a safety perspective which includes understanding evacuation options. It gets interesting, for some areas can be so near to a road, yet far in terms of access or evacuation.

So last night a bunch of Toddycats got together to review issues from last year, study the maps of the area from this perspective and think about possible issues. There's more to do; this is just a start. Next I contact NParks to find out their recommendations, and firm up ideas, procedures and options.

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