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Sun 12 Mar 2006

NUS Open House 2006

Category : toddycats

Report from the Open House

Despite being of the beaten track, and not on the list of any tours, the guides had reasonable business - we did have some students who asked about curricular on the first day and honours year student Wei Song was on hand to respond to the budding biologists.

But most of our visitors were members of the public who were notified of the special opening hours of the museum through Wild Singapore and Habitatnews. These people were armed with a keener than average sense of interest in biodiversity and on the average spent more then two hours in the gallery, with one exception, who stayed in the gallery for several hours, interacting with at least three guides! And they enjoyed being led around in very small groups, thanks to the volunteers standing by - the early bird Oi Yee, Wei Song, Danwei, Airani, Ivan and Anand.

We also had students using the opportunity to bring friends and family around NUS and some international visitors. I myself had a pleasant surprise when a long-time volunteer guide who had gone MIA due to work demands turned up with his children. Later an ex-biology classmate of mine who has been busy raising four kids turned up as well, with three of them in tow. We enjoyed long chat while his kids were entertained by the guides and later we all thawed out with a tour of the phylogentic garden!

Toddycats were on standby at the Public Gallery for NUS Open House.

Saturday, 11 Mar 2006
Session 1 - 10am - 2pm: Oi Yee, Sivasothi
Session 2 - 2pm - 6pm: Oi Yee, Wei Song, Sivasothi.

Sunday, 12 Mar 2006
Session 3 - 10am - 2pm: Danwei, Ivan, Oi Yee (up to 12pm), Sivasothi
Session 4 - 2pm - 6pm: Airani, Ivan, Anand, Sivasothi

See also photos from NUS Open House 2004.

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