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Mon 30 Jan 2006

NUS International Coastal Cleanup Singapore (ICCS) team get ready

Category : toddycats

Dewi Anggraini, Zhang Dongrong and Marcus Tay.

26 Jan 2006 - Dewi Anggraini and Zhang Dongrong are the project managers for NUS' International Coastal Cleanup Singapore (ICCS) participation at Kranji mangroves this year. They dropped by the Raffles Museum with Marcus Tay, the 2005 project manager, to get acquainted with the location of the existing ICCS logistics and debrief the previous year's exercise which they assisted in executing.

The NUS contingent to the coastal cleanup has been led students from NUS Environmental Engineering and Dewi and Dongrong are the fourth generation to do so. Each year, the project manager involves the juniors so as to train apprentices to become leaders the following year.

With the support of the Campus Green Committee, this young tradition is something we can be proud of, and it is in safe hands once again!

See some photos from last year's cleanup .

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