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Mon 05 Dec 2005

Sungei Buloh Anniversary Walk 2005

Category : toddycats

04 Dec 2005 - The Sungei Buloh Anniversary Walk is an annual programme that has run since 1997. It not only celebrates the reserve's official opening on 6th December 1993, it is also an event when a batch of novices experience guiding for the first time. As a team, they are able to treat a large number of the public to a series of entertaining and informative stations, each of which required just some 6 hours of formal training.

During the 12th anniversary walk last Sunday, some 150 first-time visitors to Sungei Buloh were guided by a team of 15 station guides and 11 group guides including several alumni. A team of senior volunteers conducted the training this year - Airani, Adrian, Kaixin, Alison and Oi Yee; project managers Tammy and Ivan oversaw the administration of the event including registration - thanks to all of them!

Sunday's event and links to photos are featured in Habitatnews.

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