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Sat 11 Jun 2005

"Stepping Out in Words and Actions"

Category : toddycats

Nanyang Girls' High School (NYGH) organised a three-day Youth Forum, "Stepping Out in Words and Actions" in which they invited upper secondary students from various schools to share ideas and be empowered to make changes in society.

The group of about 50 student leaders and participants visited the Raffles Museum on 9th June 2005. Research Officer N. Sivasothi gave the group a short talk on conservation issues and efforts in SIngapore, and Toddycats Gwynne Lim, Lim Chen Kee, Cheong Wei Siong and Hwang Wei Song (a new batch of Public Gallery guides) conducted the tour and shared with the students interesting and informative aspects about biodiversity in Singapore and the region.

Teng Ya Wen of NYGH who originally approached the museum about the tour has now put forward a proposal for a training and guiding programme, so expect to hear more about them in future!

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