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Wed 23 Feb 2005

Toddycats! Recruitment Drive 2005

Category : toddycats

Fri 18 Feb 2005 - The annual Toddycats! recruitment drive was held at Dept. of Biological Sciences Conference Room at 7.00pm. The recruitment drive is an annual effort to publicise the various projects and activities undertaken by the Toddycats within the NUS population.

The exercise also attempts to find new members who share the same passion for nature and who want to contribute in a meaningful way. Under the newly revamped calendar schedule, the event was held for the first time early in the year.

Participants were introduced to Singapore's nature areas and some of its lesser known flora and fauna. The present status of these places, the threats and challenges faced, and finally the role of the volunteers of the Raffles Museum, the Toddycats, was discussed.

For the first time, the various Project Managers stepped up to showcase the current Toddycats projects. The event ended off successfully with all who came signing up to be part of Toddycats!

By Project Manager Hwang Wei Song

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