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Tue 01 Feb 2005

Workshop for Chek Jawa guides - Mollusca

Category : toddycats

Staff, students and volunteers of the Raffles Museum have occasionally been offering workshops for Chek Jawa guides since the deferment of reclamation in January 2002. However, the workshop guiding courses of 2002 for novice guides (e.g. CJW1&2, CJW3, CW4) were replaced by enrichment sessions on specific fauna such as crabs (2004) for experienced guides.

This year, the first workshop was conducted on the evening Friday 28th January at the Department of Biological Sciences' Life Sciences Lab 7. The session introduced the diversity and basic biology of the molluscs of Chek Jawa to volunteer guides, trainee guides and NParks staff.

In three hours, participants were taught to identify the different classes within the phylum Mollusca, the identification of common molluscs and their anatomy, through a series of activities including videos, lecture and pictorial presentations, hands-on dissection practicals and games.

The workshop was organised and conducted by Chim Chee Kong, Wong Yueat Tin and Lim Wei Ling. They were assisted by Lim Swee Cheng and Ria Tan.

Photos by Wong Yueat Tin

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