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Mon 20 Sep 2004

International Coastal Cleanup Singapore

Category : toddycats

More then 2,000 volunteers from more then 30 organisations and schools took to mangroves and beaches on Sat 18 Sep 2004 to categorise, collect and dispose of marine debris.

The international exercise is coordinated by the The Ocean Conservancy in the US and the Singapore exercise is coordinated by the Raffles Museum and the Nature Society.

At Kranji mangroves, where some half of the marine debris in SIngapore is usually found, 3.1 tonnes of trash was collected in just 90 minutes. 81.2% of the items originated from shoreline and recreational activities. The most numerous items were straws and stirrers (14.9%), bags (34.5%), food wrappers and containers (14.5%). Data and photos are streaming in from participating organisations and is being updated before submission to international coordinator, The Ocean Conservancy to join data from around the world for a global assessment.

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