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Thu 15 Mar 2007

Fri 16 Mar 2007: 4pm (LT20) - Uma Ramakrishnan on "Genetic Time Travel"

Category : talks

Department of Biological Sciences Seminar Announcement

"Genetic Time Travel - understanding the past using modern and ancient DNA."

By Dr. Uma Ramakrishnan
National Centre for Biological Sciences, India
Department of Biological Sciences

Fri 16 Mar 2007: 4pm

Venue: Lecture Theatre 20,

Host: A/P N Sodhi

About the talk - Uma is interested in reconstructing reconstructing past population processes using genetic data. The first part of her talk will showcase theoretical results establishing the importance of temporal genetic data and examples of how ancient genetic data can be used to reconstruct population history. She will also present preliminary results on the phylogeography of mammalian species in South Asia.

Uma is currently also investigating the relationships between Muntjak species by non-invasive extraction of DNA from fragments of skin and bone from museum skins, hunter's pelts recruited from local people and faecal pellets. In recent work her lab has uncovered range extensions into India by previously unrecorded species that were known from Myanmar and China.

Museum collections are an important resource through which to unravel the relationships of widely-distributed species. In collaborations like these, museum staff will examine specimens for oportunistic harvests, i.e. loose, finernail-sized fragments that may have flesh fragments still attached, or chips of turbinate bones within skulls. Because of the multiple relocations of the museum's collections in e 70's and 80's, some old specimens were carefully wrapped up in with mueslin cloth and thick plastic; these may contain useable fragments upon examination.

Uma is currently visiting staff at the Department of Biological Sciences and the mammal collections at the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research.

Her webpage is at ncbs.res.in/uma/groups_uma.htm.

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