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Mon 06 Feb 2006

Singapore Spider Diversity: A Snapshot of their Feeding Habits

Category : talks

Singapore Spider Diversity:
A Snapshot of their Feeding Habits

Speaker: Mr Joseph K H Koh
Diplomat, Naturalist and Singapore's Spiderman

Venue : Multi-purpose Hall,
Peirce Road Depot, Peirce Road
Date: Tuesday, 7th Feb 2006
Time: 4pm

Through a series of images of Singapore and Southeast Asian spiders, Mr Koh hopes to show the audience the exciting array of strategies adopted by spiders to catch their prey. He will highlight the diversity of their web architecture among web builders.

He wants to excite the audience with the wide repertoire of tactics adopted by various other spiders, with macro-photographic pictures of food-stealing spiders, ambushing spiders, net-casting spiders, bolas-throwing spiders, fishing spiders, and different types of hunters. The audience will be surprised that notwithstanding our compact size and urbanised environment, Singapore is actually well endowed with a rich variety of spiders.

Note: Joseph is also giving the talk on 08 Feeb at 4pm, at the Gardens Briefing Room, Visitor Centre, Singapore Botanic Gardens.

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