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Fri 21 Oct 2005

NYGH Nanyang Environmental Science Conference

Category : talks

21 Oct 2005 - Raffles Museum's Peter Ng (Conserving Singapore: Singapore evolving) and N. Sivasothi (Conservation in Singapore - issues thoughts and action!) along with National Institute of Education's Shawn Lun (Who does nature belong to?) spoke on local and international conservation of biodiversity issues at Nanyang Girls' High School.

They were speaking at one of several concurrent plenary sessions of NYGH's Nanyang Environmental Science Conference.

The session ended with presentations by students from Raffles Institution and NYGH - their projects dealt with limpet distribution and youth awareness and attitudes towards sustainable development.

Wang Luan Keng setup an exhibition introducing Pulau Semakau's marine life in the foyer of the school where participating institutions and companies set up exhibitions.

The conference is a two day programme with a keynote, international participants and includes workshops and industrial visits.

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