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Thu 06 Oct 2005

"Marine Life in Singapore: Surprises and the threat of marine trash"

Category : talks

4 Oct 2005 - N. Sivasothi Coordinator, International Coastal Cleanup Singapore Research Officer, Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research, NUS gave a talk on "Marine Life in Singapore: Surprises and the threat of Marine Trash." The talk was organized by NUS Campus Green Committee at the LT31, Faculty of Science, National University of Singapore.

"The Singapore coastline is still survived by interesting patches of coastal and marine ecosystems, which are home to otters, dugongs, sea stars, octopus, dolphins, hundreds of species of fish, sea snakes, turtles and even a crocodile! Marine life faces several challenges - development, marine trash, poaching and environmental accidents.

Volunteers with the annual International Coastal Cleanup Singapore removed 10,334 kg from our coastline in a single day last year - almost 90% of this was plastic and almost two-thirds from land-based sources. Abandoned nets entangled and killed birds, snakes, crabs, horseshoe crabs and fish. In the past two years, volunteers from NUS had joined the team to help clear Kranji mangroves. Just last year, 3,167 kg of trash was removed in a single day!"

There were pictorial panels on "Marine Life in Singapore" and "Green Transport" courtesy of Singapore Environment Council in the LT31 foyer. Interestingly the tv series Biologic was on sale for S$20. The series contains an episode about the cleanup.

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