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Tue 23 Aug 2005

Talk at NEA's Youth Environmental Youth Envoy Networking Session

Category : talks

20 Aug 2005 - Research Officer N. Sivasothi and Raffles Museum's Wang Luan Keng, Airani Ramli and Angeline Tay trooped down to the YMCA on Saturday afternoon to address the NEA's Youth Environmental Youth Envoy Networking Session.

Two talks were presented--"Marine conservation in Singapore" and "Biodiversity heritage and conservation strategies".

Participants were also treated to a preview of the "Marine habitats and diversity at Pulau Semakau." They will get a chance to witness this first hand during a field trip in September.

In between these sessions, participants presented project proposals as a result of an earlier workshop on sustainable environment. Topics included reduction of plastic bag consumption, pet release in the wild, water conservation for children and surveying environmental awareness in youth.

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