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Wed 15 Jun 2005

Terry Hughes lecture on coral reefs a success!

Category : talks

Terry Hughes (minus beard) delivered his talk on the "History, ecology and the state of the world's oceans" to an audience of students, naturalists, layman, grad-students and academics, including Professor Leo Tan, who showed his marine biologist colours by dropping in despite a busy schedule.

Terry was introduced by Prof Chou Loke Ming and delivered a clear, informative and thoughful lecture based on three decades of experiments and experiences in coral reef biology to an appreiative-audience. The active Q&A allowed more to be discussed.

Thanks to James Cook University provding the tea, Yong An Nee for the posters, Greasi Simon for mailing them out, Airani Ramli for setting up the lecture theatre and the ecotax email reminders, Ngoh Seh Suan for the photos and Ng Bee Choo for bringing the Chek Jawa books down for Terry. Blue Water Volunteers added colour to the event with their exhibition booth on "Marine Life in Singapore" and Cynthia Lee, James Guest, Kok Oi Yee and Airani provided some relaxing company during dinner!

Bon Voyage to Terry as he heads out to Penang and Kuala Lumpur next. More photos in the Flickr album

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