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Thu 16 Dec 2004

"Watery World Fighters" - Tan Heok Hui talks about Betta

Category : talks

Tan Heok Hui (now a Research Officer with the Raffles Museum) gave a talk entitled "Watery World Fighters. Diversity of Betta" to the Singapore Betta Club. The talk was held at Kebun Baru CC last Saturday, 11th December 2004.

Peter Ng had recently pointed out that Heok Hui is "regarded as Singapore's 'Indiana Jones' by his colleagues for his treks into the depths of jungles in Thailand, Borneo, Java, Sumatra and Malaysia in his search for new fish." Through such trips, he has discovered and described more than half the existing Betta species in the region. link.

To get a taste of one of his earlier forays, read his three account of trips to Sarawak in the mid-90's to study the fishes of the blackwaters of Sarawak. The articles were published in the Anabantoid Association of Great Britain, and entitled, Sarawak Quest I, II & III.

R - Tan Heok Hui with Hsu Li Chieh, President of the Singapore Betta Club.

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