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Fri 01 Dec 2006

Blue Malayan Coral snake preservation

Category : research

Herpetologist-at-large, Leong Tzi Ming injecting a roadkill specimen of Calliophis bivirgatus in the Wet Collection of the Raffles Museum.

The specimen was found by Tay Soon Lian of Central Nature Reserves. Benjamin Lee brought it in when he dropped by to examine mammal specimens.

Webpages for the Blue Malayan Coral Snake - Developed by our very own naturalists, these wonderful webpages are from sites dedicated to vertebrates!

Ming was cataloging the herptile specimens that were put aside during the renovations.

It's really good to see these specimens get tagged with a museum number and safely recorded into a catalogue book before being assigned to shelves in the phygenetic order.

Every 6 months, the written records are databased by students and integrated into the main herptile database.

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