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Wed 28 Dec 2005

The Bruguiera (Rhizophoraceae) species of Singapore mangroves

Category : research

Sheue, c.-R., J. W. H. Yong & Y.-P. Yang, 2005. The Bruguiera (Rhizophoraceae) species in the mangroves of Singapore, especially on the new record and the rediscovery. Taiwania, 50(4): 251-260. [pdf]

Abstract - 'The authors report a new record of Bruguiera hainesii C. G. Rogers, and the rediscovery of an extinct species, Bruguiera sexangula (Lour.) Poir., in the mangroves of Singapore.

To simplify the process of identifying all the five Bruguiera species in Singapore, a colour plate illustrating the calyx structures (across different development stages) and diagnostic features of the five Bruguiera species are provided.

A diagnostic key to the five Bruguiera species was also provided, with updated descriptions for the two species. In light of the difficulty in identifying the different Bruguiera species solely on the basis of vegetative structures, the authors suggest that the series or numbers of colleters (finger-like glandular structures inside the base of stipules) could be an aid for identifying members of Rhizophoraceae especially in the absence of reproductive structures.'

J. W. H. Yong is from the Natural Sciences and Science Education Academic Group, National Institute of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University.

Thanks to Benito Tan for the alert!

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