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Mon 13 Sep 2004

Species Coextinctions and the Biodiversity Crisis

Category : research

Koh Lian Pin & Navjot Sodhi of the Conservation Ecology Lab , and international collaborators have published a paper: Koh, L. P., R. R. Dunn, N. S. Sodhi, R. K. Colwell, H. C. Proctor & V. S. Smith, 2004. Species Coextinctions and the Biodiversity Crisis. Science, 305: 1632-1634.

The Straits Times reported this in "Extinction figures may be dead wrong," by Chang Ai-Lien, 10 Sep 2004 [pdf].

Reports appeared worldwide as well in science webpages - "Threatened species total 'hugely underestimated'." By Emma Young, New Scientist.com news, 09 Sep 2004. "Extinctions could have domino efffect," by James Owen. National Geographic News, 09 Sep 2004. "Extinct species take others along, study finds." Reuters, 10 Sep 2004. "Unsung Species' Ignored On Endangered List." Science Daily, 10 Sep 2004.

The New Scientist report quoted Thomas Brooks of the Center for Applied Biodiversity Science of Conservation International in Washington as saying that "The team has done the conservation community a great favour by synthesising the theory and data on the co-extinction crisis."

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