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Thu 01 Mar 2007

Practical FishKeeping advises against purchasing the "Celestial Pearl Danio"

Category : pub

"Galaxy rasbora placed in new genus." By Matt Clarke. Practical Fishkeeping, 28 Feb 2007.

"Practical Fishkeeping reported earlier this month that the habitat had been decimated by fish exporters who had gone to the area specifically to catch the species to meet massive consumer demand for the species since it was introduced just six months ago."

"Practical Fishkeeping is advising fishkeepers not to purchase the species to reduce global demand."

Celestichthys margaritatus is the new species described in: Roberts, T. R., 2007. The "Celestial Pearl Danio", a new genus and species of colourful minute cyprinid fish from Myanmar (Pisces: Cypriniformes). The Raffles Bulletin of Zoology, 55(1): 131-140. See Raffles Museum News.

"Taxonomist sources told Practical Fishkeeping that at least three scientists were simultaneously planning to describe the new species, but Roberts was the first to release his description of the popular new cyprinid."

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