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Tue 20 Jun 2006

Akan Datang (Coming Soon) - Borneo Suckers, a new book by Tan Heok Hui

Category : pub

20 Jun 2006 - Heok Hui quietly put this on the museum office table today. I realised congratulations are in order for the publication of his first book, to be launched next month; well done young man!

Tan, H. H., 2006. The Borneo Suckers. Revision of the Torrent Loaches of Borneo (Balitoridae: Gastromyzon, Neogastromyzon). Natural History Publications (Borneo). 245pp.

36 species of Gastromyzon are described; 15 are new and 21 are re-descriptions of the type material of existing species. Neogastromyzon is also revised, with re-descriptions of the two known species and the description of four new species.

The chapters include:

  • Introduction
  • Biogeographical observations
  • Ecological observations
  • Economic value
  • Bornean endemic fish genera and species
  • Taxonomy

See Heok Hui's profile in the Raffles Museum Newsletter No. 2 (2002).

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