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Thu 10 May 2007

RBZ Book Reviews

Category : pub

Each issue of the Raffles Bulletin of Zoology includes book reviews of some new publications on zoology, ecology and biodiversity from the Southeast Asian region and beyond.

This region that has seen an explosion of publications in the past two decades and the reviews help popularise the titles to a specialised audience. Although all the pdfs are issued freely on the net, they might remain inaccessible and poorly referenced when not looked specifically looked for.

Hence this blog about the reviews has been started. This allows an internet audience an opportunity to stumble upon a blog post, link to or cite it, display colour images of the publication and provide active links to the web sites of various publishers, institutions, individuals and topics.

Many of the titles are evergreen and remain perpetually relevant and a blog post here will contribute to their web presence.

So the Raffles Museum Undergraduate Interns and myself have started this going just this week, and called it somewhat unimaginatively, RBZ Book Reviews!

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