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Thu 10 May 2007

Crab man not crabby when working on crabs

Category : people

Administrative duties have crept and threaten to consume the life of museum director and department biodiversity group head Peter Ng over the past half-decade. The frenetic work rate is a trademark of the museum and he often growls at us that we're wasting time on meals

So when NUS adopted the five day week, he should have growled all the more, but secretly he was pleased. You see, he is now able to nestle in his office or lab, pouring over the taxonomic problems of crabs in unimagined peace and quiet. When I'm back on a Saturday for volunteer meetings or special Public Gallery tours, I might see his office light on. We leave him be and by late afternoon, he'll emerge, starving.

Things are probably looking up these days with the department's biodiversity baton handed over to Navjot Sodhi. More about that later...

Some work days, Peter manages to elude non-research responsibilities. Joelle was tickled when she watched him working the other day with grad student J. C. in a genial mood. Taken by the rare sight of her supervisor not behaving like a hungry bear, she took photos and emailed me her favourite.

"Just thought I'd share with you a picture I took of Peter this afternoon. He was in a very good mood today and was checking through some drawings. I think he is happiest when he is working on his crabs.

Made me go awwwww and I decided to take a photo. I think its really nice!"

"Peter Ng and JC checking through Herbst's drawings"

Swee Hee explained the delight of this nomenclatural hunt was accentuated by the colour slides of Herbst's drawings. Peter took colour slide photos his plates when he was in Berlin. So it was a veritable feast that day in the Systematics & Ecology Lab - history, legalistic nomenclatural investigations and of course, crabs.

Enough to make the crabman happy.

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