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Fri 01 Dec 2006

Tyson Roberts and teacher work attachments

Category : people

Dr Tyson Roberts, in the midst of examing the anatomy of a Southeast Asian freshwater fish, is a well-known ichthyologist who has been studying the diversity of freshwater fishes of Southeast Asia for about three decades. He has published many scientific papers in which a great number of new fish species are described.

One tome, "The Freshwater Fishes of Western Borneo (Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia)" [Memoirs of the California Academy of Sciences Series 14: 210 pp] is a result of his intensive survey of the fish fauna of the Kapuas River in Kalimantan, Indonesia, in the 1970s, and is one of the most comprehensive and well-illustrated inventories of Southeast Asian fishes.

Tyson is at the Raffles Museum from October to December, 2006, to work on his fish collection largely from Myanmar, and from which the descriptions of new species of fish, mainly loaches, will be prepared.

Teachers Chen Yingru from Qifa Primary School and Chin Joung Fui of Corporation Primary School are on attachment at the Raffles Museum for two weeks from 27 Nov 2006 - 08 Dec 2006.

They were getting an insight from Tyson about taxonomic methods and life in general when I dropped in on them! They will work on worksheets for the Public Gallery, an exhibit on the Black Marlin and pick up some web 2.0 skills!

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