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Tue 06 Mar 2007

Maurice Kottelat, Doctor es Sciences Honoris Causa

Category : people

08 Nov 2006 - Raffles Museum's Honorary Research Associate, Dr. Maurice Kottelat, is the world's leading authority on the taxonomy of Eurasian freshwater fishes. He is also one of the most experienced field workers in ichthyology and has conducted numerous expeditions particularly in Asia.

Last November, Maurice was awarded a Dr. Sc. Honoris Causa by the University of Neuchatel in Switzerland.

The citation, translated from French, reads,

"The University of Neuchatel, on recommendation of the Faculty of Sciences, hereby confers the degree of Doctor es Sciences Honoris Causa to Mr Maurice Kottelat, expert consultant in ichthyology, representative of a tradition of naturalist biology honored in Neuchatel, for his exceptional contribution to the systematics and ecology of freshwater fish and indispensable initiatives to conserve biodiversity."

Photos by David Houncheringer.

See the programme here: Dies academicus 2006 and pictures here. For earlier reports of Maurice in Raffles Museum News, click this link. Maurice is now in Singapore on one of his regular research visits.

Thanks to Claudine Assad-Fuhrimann for permission to use the photos.

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