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Fri 27 Oct 2006

Basics of ecology in two hours!

Category : people

A couple of years ago, our dean at the Faculty of Science realised the Research Officers in the Raffles Museum could teach, so he put us to work.

So we became Research Officers/Instructors and Swee Hee, Heok Hui and I starting teaching undergraduate courses. We now agonise over biodiversity modules that have to compress significant topics into mere morsels!

Lecture preparation is agonsing - how much to leave out? How much time to sacrifice on theatrics in order to embed concepts into students' minds?

It's an interesting challenge and each year we tweak our lectures more and more, and add more and more local content, which is fun! Here Swee Hee is studiously preparing for a lecture that's coming up at 12pm. He has just two hours to impart the basics of ecology to General Biology students. Good luck mate!

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