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Wed 27 Sep 2006

Hot coffee in the Conservation Biology Lab!

Category : people

Be warned that it's a slow news day...

I popped in to the Conservation Ecology Lab to get a book off Navjot Sodhi that he thinks is suitable for next year's introductory Animal Behaviour module.

That's always dangerous place to wander in and true enough I got coffee splashed on my rear by Arvin with David adding insult to injury by pretending to grab my rear. Reuben couldn't resist and just had to capture the event with Mary Rose looking on in approval. You have been warned about this lot. The coffee they offer you may not reach your lips!

In the centre of the lab were two Aussies who have passed Navjot the flu. If you were intending to chat with him, it might be a good time; he can hardly speak now which means he cannot respond as, erm, healthily as he normally does!

Arvin C. Diesmos (left), N. Sivasothi (a.k.a Otterman, center) and David Bickford. Photo by Reuben Clements.

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