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Tue 30 May 2006

Cranbrook and Pangolins

Category : people

The Earl of Cranbrook was conferred a Sarawakian honour last September (2005) - "Gathorne Earl of Cranbrook was the sole recipient of the Panglima Negara Bintang Sarawak (Honorary) (PNBS(H)" (Bernama).

He dropped by the Raffles Museum on a brief visit on a stopover on the way to Sarawak once again. He did mention that he's a Datuk twice over - congratulations on the new grandkid, GC!

He spent some time at the Dinosaurs! exhibition at Peter Ng's urging and got his hand stamped with that special Dino imprint! Wheen he came back late after lunch, he bumped into me at the office. This time round it was not swiftlets he was after but pangolins so Norman Lim dragged out some of his recent specimens.

I accompanied them downstairs to the lab andd watched as he extracted the meta tarsal of a roadkill from Singapore as Norman watched.

Norman says pangolin road kills are still relatively common on the Bukit Timah Expressway, something that seeems to have been happening continuously since th BJE was first laid down

Looking on is Heok Hui who named a species of Gastromyzon after GC. He passed him copies of the paper he publshed the names in. Gastromyzon cranbrooki is found just 20 metres upstream of the Kuala Belalong Field Studies Centre!

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