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Mon 11 Jun 2007

Hugh Tan takes over from Benito Tan as Deputy Director

Category : news

Message from Raffles Museum director, Peter Ng,

"With effect from 11 June 2007, A/P Prof Hugh Tan will take over as Deputy Director of RMBR, succeeding A/P Benito Tan who retires from NUS in July 2007."

"Firstly, I want to thank Ben for all the hard work and help he has rendered the Raffles Museum, Department of Biological Science and the Faculty of Science over the last 9 years - it has been a period of fantastic growth and success, and I am grateful for his help and support. He moves to NParks in the Botanic Gardens, and I am sure he will have another successful stint there."

"Secondly, I thank Hugh for taking over. I have asked Hugh to help me now on a new front by putting more order in the RMBR, this is more necessary these days as we have grown in size and scope, and many things we could be relaxed about in the past today need more vigilance and efficiency. Hugh's repute in being a very organised manager will be invaluable to this phase of the museum's growth. I cannot promise him less work, but I can promise him challenges! Over the weeks to come, we will work out how we change our styles and things we need to do, and we then move on."

"I hope the RMBR staff and community will join me in welcoming Hugh, and work together with him to the next level!"

Photos by Lin Yangchen (NParks), taken at the Biodiversity of Singapore Symposium II.

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