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Tue 03 Jan 2006

Assistant Education Officer at the Raffles Museum - position filled

Category : news

03 Jan 2006 - A suitable candidate has been found. Thank you for your interest.

02 Dec 2006 - Position of Assistant Education Officer at the Raffles Museum

Assistant Education Officer
Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research, NUS
Interested individuals please write to Wang Luan Keng at dbswlk@nus.edu.sg

Job description

  • You will report to the Education Officer at RMBR, NUS.
  • You will co-ordinate public walks in nature areas and conduct indoor and outdoor education workshops, both locally and overseas.
  • You will be responsible for handling registrations, logistics arrangements, conducting the programme itself and handling follow-up arrangements. This involves liaising with people from all walks of life, government and other agencies and groups.
  • You will co-ordinate outreach collaterals: internet, print and other supporting resources.
  • You may eventually be tasked to develop and run new programmes.
  • The job may involve some research work on local biodiversity which includes field and laboratory work.
  • This is not a 9-5 job. Although typically a 5-day work week, you may have to work on weekends and odd hours.
  • The job gives you special opportunities to work in the last pristine nature areas in Singapore; spread the conservation message; opportunities to travel to nature areas overseas; and work with with scientists, field experts and nature lovers.
  • For the candidate willing to learn, this is a unique opportunity to be a part of and to develop practical skills in nature conservation.

Qualifications required

  • At least a diploma.
  • A marine background an advantage.
  • No formal working experience required.

Competencies required

  • Strong organisation skills, able to work independently.
  • A friendly, outgoing personality, enjoy working outdoors.
  • Able to work with adults and children.
  • Able to use basic internet (blogs, websites, mailing lists) and office software.
  • Ability to drive an advantage.

Length of contract:
1 year (renewable).

Starting salary commensurate with qualifications and experience.

Interested individuals please write to Wang Luan Keng at dbswlk@nus.edu.sg

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