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Wed 09 Nov 2005

"From Books to Bytes"

Category : news

"From Books to Bytes" is a permanent exhibition installed in the Level 5 Promenade of the new Lee Khong Chian Reference Library of the National LIbrary Board at Victoria Street. It will be unveiled on 12th November 2005 at the official opening of the library.

"This exhibition traces the evolution of the National Library from 1823, and tells of its value in the lives of Singaporeans, past and present. Visitors will know more about the significant time periods in the library’s history, the key personnel as well as changes in its collections and services. " (NLB webpage).

As the National Library also stems from the Raffles Library and Museum, the exhibtion includes common ground which staff from both institutions corresponded over. Raffles Museum also contributed some preserved butterfly specimens for the display to give visitors an idea of the sort zoological work museum staff carried out then and now.

Click here for more photos of the exhibtion in preparation taken on 31st October 2005.

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