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Fri 02 Sep 2005

11 Sep 2005 - Do you know Shonan-to (film)

Category : news

Singapore Film Society
WWII Commemoration
Double Bill Film Showcase

2pm - "Do you know Shonan-to: Portraits of humanity under the shadow of war." By Mr Ikeda Hachiro.

4.15pm - "Burmese Harp." By Mr Ichikawa Kon in 1985, adapted from the novel by Takeyama Michio.

An Asean premiere, the first film is "DO YOU KNOW SHONAN-TO: PORTRAITS OF HUMANITY UNDER THE SHADOW OF WAR" by Mr Ikeda Hachiro, who will be present for a post-screening discussion.

This documentary chronicles an inside story that happened in Singapore during WWII. During the Japanese Occupation, when the National Museum and Botanic Gardens were in danger of being destroyed, a group of British, Japanese and Chinese bravely casted aside national boundaries and worked together to preserve Singapore's priceless cultural and botanical heritage.

The second film is a contemplative anti-war film "BURMESE HARP" by renowned director, Ichikawa Kon in 1985, adapted from the novel by Takeyama Michio.

"While the depiction of the soldiers may be idealized, The Burmese Harp transcends its limitations to become a universal testament not only to the madness that prevailed in Burma, but to the unspeakable horror of all war." - Howard Schumann.

Screening Hours : 2.00pm and 4:15pm
Admission : Free Admission on First-Come, First-Served basis.
Location : Alliance Francaise Auditorium
Address : 1 Sarkies Road

Phone : 9017-0160
Nearest MRT Station : Newton
Website: www.sfs.org.sg

Source: Singapore Commemorates: Memorial Month.

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