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Sat 18 Dec 2004

Science Now reports on the Zebrafish ethology project

Category : news

"Too Tired to Be Sexy" by Menno Schilthuizen. Science Now, 16 Dec 2004 [pdf].

Science Now reports on the Zebrafish ethology project presented by Seah Wee Kee et al. at the recent Biology in Asia International Conference.

Reporting that "mutant fish don't shine with sex appeal, Wee-Khee Seah, Zhiyuan Gong, and Daiqin Li of the National University of Singapore made aquariums where a normal or green fluorescent zebrafish female would be confronted with the choice between a normal and a glowing green male behind glass.

They found that both types of female spent more than 80% of their time with their noses glued to the glass of the unaltered males' compartments, with the green males jealously courting in vain." [More at Science Now.]

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