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Wed 10 Nov 2004

Changes in Raffles Museum staff and duties

Category : news

Raffles Museum has seen some changes in staff duties and appointments. Curator KL Yeo is principally overseeing the museum specimen and photo databases with Chua Keng Soon, and Curator HK Lua will handle the Public Gallery and outreach programmes. Collections Manager Kelvin Lim will be managing the collections with the help of the curators.

As of November 2004, Darren Yeo is transferring to the Dept. Biological Sciences to pursue full-time teaching duties. Tan Heok Hui, the latest new blood joining the museum team, will take over the supervision of research and overseas visitors.

Tan Swee Hee, who joined the museum in Sep 2004 is overseeing the Raffles Bulletin of Zoloogy amongst other things.

During the new semester, all three Research Officers (Heok Hui, Swee Hee and N. Sivasothi) will be Instructors in the department and conduct some teaching duties for biodiversity modules there as well.

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