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Tue 14 Sep 2004

Pedal Ubin Guide is one of four Bayer Young Environmental Envoys

Category : news

"Their passion for the environment not only helped to create awareness about the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling, but it also earned four Singapore youths a week's trip to Germany.

Cycling around Pulau Ubin to learn about the flora and fauna, as well as the various landmarks - that's the aim of "Pedal Ubin".

For 23-year-old Geography undergraduate Tan Peng Ting, who volunteers as a guide, it also means being back on familiar ground.

Three generations of her family used to live on the island although she has never lived there herself.

This has spurred her, as a member of the Nature Society and volunteer of the Raffles Museum of Bio-Diversity Research in NUS, to start an online archive which contains personal stories, oral history and articles of Ubin.

Tan Peng Ting, Bayer Young Environmental Envoy, said: "I want to show people and let them know more about Ubin, and that there are certain really interesting places. It is more than just adventures sites for camping and cycling.

"My sense about nature and the green places, it is generally about widening the awareness.""

Links: Ubin Stories - Pedal Ubin - RMBR Toddycats.

Source: "4 youths win trip to Germany to learn more about the environment," by Hasnita A. Majid. Channelnews Asia, 13 Sep 2004 [pdf].

See also: "Student gets green award for bid to preserve P. Ubin" by Radha Basu. The Straits Times, 14 Sep 2004 [pdf]. "From Ubin to Germany," by Evelyn Gan. Today, 14 Sep 2004 [pdf].

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