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Tue 22 May 2007

Interns prepare for IMD 2007 Heartlander Tours

Category : museums

Raffles Museum interns Ruo Yu and Danliang have been undergoing a crash course since Friday by Gwynne Lim, Hwang Wei Song and myself to prepare for the International Museum Day's regional bus tours.

They have to learn the underlying biology, stories and folklore and guiding techniques enough to handle a Heartlander tour. Public Gallery instructors Gwynne and Wei Song are introducing them to some interesting bugs too!

I've made it a little more interesting by setting up a crab station to show participants the difference between a male and female crab, and the different parts of a tree-climbing crab's anatomy! They were a little icky about it at first but will easily get used to handling crabs like the rest of us!

We call these IMD visits "Heartlander tours" because the parge proportion of visitors on the bus are heartlanders who only find their way to the university museum this way (see the 2006 blog post . It's due to a great concept and some hard work by the NHB IMD team yet again!

See IMD2007 schedule of visits at the Raffles Museum.

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